Italian Beans

Italian beans, recipes and types

If delicious traditional Italian dishes based around Italian beans are so common, it is because recipes for beans are on the tables of the entire world due to their amazing nutritional qualities. They are rich in vitamin A, B, C and E, and have high iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorous content. In any corner of the globe, you will find cereals and legumes combined in food for the protein explosion they provide.

Experimenting by cooking different types of Italian beans, following tradition or discovering your own culinary genius, is a near cure-all whether they are canned or dried (requiring soaking before preparation begins). They can notably reduce cholesterol, as well as the risk of cancer.

In Brazil and other South American countries, bean and rice recipes, are considered the basis for daily sustenance, while in the bel paese they are cherished in nearly every Italian region with slight variations from the Alps to the Ionian Sea. One such recipe is pasta e fagioli.

Italian beans are much sought after abroad like Zolfino, Spagna and definitively those with Tuscan origins led by the Sorana, famous for its extremely soft skin and delicate flavor.

pasta fagioli
Italian Beans

Italian Bean Soup

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