Primitivo Wine

Primitivo Wine, The Heart of Manduria

Primitivo wine is a prestigious Italian red wine representing the best of the region of Puglia’s art, named after the grape varietal used its production. Primitivo di Manduria, originating in this city in the province of Taranto is a leading exponent, though others from the surrounding territory reach the same level of excellence.

The name Primitivo wine does not imply “primitive”, rather it refers to the fact that, despite late germination compared to other local grapes, the maturation of Primitivo comes in a short cycle. Abroad, it is considered similar to Zinfandel due to the close genetic correlation to these wines produced in the USA, particularly California, if this type of comparison is permitted.

The tradition of Primitivo wine is nothing less than one a symbol of Italian winemaking: red wine with dark-ruby reflexes that become garnet with aging. To the palate and nose, it offers strong notes of plums and cherries. Like many examples of southern Italian reds, structure and alcohol content made it ideal for blending, but over time, original techniques brought Primitivo wine itself fame, an ambassador of fine wine throughout the world.

Today, there are a number of labels offering personality and prestige, Primitivo di Manduria as a most noteworthy subject.

Primitivo Wine

Primitivo di Manduria

Primitivo di Manduria, Authentic Italian Masterpieces Primitivo di Manduria is the region of Puglia’s DOC Italian red wine par excellence, and a symbol of its rebirth as a serious winemaker. The production area of Primitivo wine (containing at least 85% of this varietal) sits...

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