Dedicated Areas for Every Category

Among its various attributes GIFT features its market evolution service: a series of specific focus areas including basic information (with correlated videos) on market segments, territories, and their evolution; the national, EU, and international policy service; another dedicated to markets, research and development, together with information on food safety, quality, and nutrition; presentations of the top Italian food companies and their products, including fact sheets, CSR, and B2B information.
In consulting these devoted service sections, obtaining information on market evolution, financial resources (banks, private equity, consultants, business angels), insurance (focusing on product liability and credit), energy and sustainability (both environmental ad social), certifications, advice and assistance (technical/administrative/customs), as well as logistics, is both easy and intuitive.
GIFT, with its constantly evolving focal points, is an indispensable service tool available to all those who wish to operate in foreign markets with the guarantee of success.