peeled tomatoes

Peeled Tomatoes for Recipes with True Italian Style

Peeled tomatoes are fundamental to the country’s culinary culture and cuisine. Peeled tomatoes recipes are particularly prized by those looking for the classic ingredients that belong to the home-cooked branch of tradition. By law, i pelati can only be made from whole Italian tomatoes that have been peeled, with a preference for longer varieties.

The production process for peeled tomatoes is simpler than for other tomato-based products, and the fruit maintains much more of its original nutritional value, as well as its aroma and flavor. Its hard to imagine any serious sugo without their contribution.

After the preliminary phase of selecting and washing, they are subject to cooking and peeling, followed by a second round of selection. They are then packaged and pasteurised, which preserves them until they are opened. The quality peeled product is a uniform deep red color with a firm, meaty texture. They are ideal for traditional Italian sauce recipes like amatriciana or ragù, not to mention an excellent base for delectable pizza. Peeled often makes the difference.

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peeled tomatoes

De Rica Tomatoes

De Rica Tomatoes, Italian Naturally De Rica tomatoes is a historic canned Italian tomatoes producer, and has been a staple in Italy’s kitchens since 1912. The values of freshness, flavor and wholesomeness are expressed across the entire De Rica product line. The same characteristics...

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