Pig meat

Pig meat, goodness and health

Pig meat is the meat man consumes most, not least due to the numerous subproducts and derivates, like: cold cuts, cheek lard, rind, lard and offal. Swine breeds currently raised descend from selection and often crossing European and Eastern stock. Recent years launched many plans to recuperate Italian local species (Cinta Senese, Caserta Swine, Romagna Swine, Sicilian Black, Sardinian etc), linked to developing typical products (various hams and cold cuts).

Pig meat, a valid alternative to beef both nutritionally and economically, requires full cooking to reach organoleptic properties and more besides. The pig’s flesh type is subject to parasitosis and harm can only be annulled through full cooking.

Pig meat has many features, including high quality proteins and iron, and is an important source of zinc, selenium, vitamins A, B12 and folic acid. All these peculiarities make it very suited to being part of a balanced diet guaranteeing organism wellbeing.

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