Tuscan Bread

Tuscan bread, low in calories and sodium

Tuscan bread is an inseparable symbol of an entire regional culinary culture, one of the most eaten types of Italian bread on the peninsula, and the only one that can go with both cured meats and salami, as well as sweets, like jam or chocolate.

Locally it is called “pane sciocco“, with medium calorie content, but its true peculiarity is its total absence of salt. The tradition of this characteristic dates to the war between Pisa and Florence in the 12th century – the maritime republic imposed a blockade on inland commerce obligating Florentine country folk to make due with just flour and water, a fact that led to the development of one of the richest Italian cuisines to accompany it.

Tuscan bread calories are the standard 281 per 100 grams. It has flakey, crunchy crust, while crumbs form cavities with irregular shapes. Though not salted, it is anything but insipid! Thanks to fermentation achieved with a sour starter yeast, the Tuscan recipe creates a naturally flavorful wonder.

This Tuscan specialty is widely used by the people of the region in dishes such as topped crostini, and also in soups.

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