Molini Spigadoro


Molini Spigadoro, jewel in the crown of Italian food innovation, offers products that combine research and tradition. Exceptional ingredients for the preparation of baked goods, such as high fibre wheat flour, types 1, 2 and wholemeal, lactic acid bacteria, and vegetable charcoal.
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The selection of the raw materials, storage and cutting edge production methods of Molini Spigadoro guarantee the elimination of contaminants such as chemical residues, heavy metals, and mycotoxins, far beyond the limits of the already stringent regulatory limits.
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Molini Spigadoro products are subject to 30,000 checks along the entire production process. A care that guarantees the highest standards of health and safety.
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The quality guarantees of Molini Spigadoro go above and beyond the already strict regulations. The company has achieved numerous voluntary certifications: ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, Organic, SA 8000, Kosher.
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Molini Spigadoro is premium quality Made in Italy. It is based in the green surroundings of Umbria, close to Assisi.
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Molini Spigadoro, innovative tradition

Molini Spigadoro is one of the most dynamic leaders on the Made in Italy scene. The company, at the cutting edge of its field, is located in the green of Umbria, near Assisi. Here, in the shadow of the Basilica of San Francesco, they produce excellent ingredients for baking, such as whole and semi wholemeal flour, and hemp flour, lactic ferments, and vegetable charcoal.

At Molini Spigadoro, traditional milling methods that date back to 1822 merge with highly advanced production technologies. The result is a perfect blend of creative dynamism and the history of Italian culinary culture. A character reinforced each day according to three guiding principles: innovation, quality, respect.

The range of products boasts exceptional nutritional qualities, both in terms of health and of food safety. All processes are subject to strict controls, and adhere to standards well above those required by law, as is evident from the numerous voluntary certifications achieved by Molini Spigadoro: ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, Organic, SA 8000, Kosher.