The recipe for the success



The recipe for the success of M&C

Safety, efficiency and reliability: the success of M&C Italian cold cuts and Italian cheeses lies in this combination of values. The companies that approach M&C for their own brands do so because they can be sure of the highest health and hygiene standards (their patented ozone misting system is well-known), complete dependability in production (there is a duplicate of each machine in order to assure fulfilment of any commitment to the client), and convenient, punctual delivery.

For these reasons every audit check means a triumph for the firm. With these conditions M&C srl has firmly established itself as a leader in the national sector of private label cold cuts and sliced cheeses, becoming the largest company of central-southern Italy. With its 12 lines of slicing and packaging and around 100 employees, about 50 million packets are produced a year at the new 5000m sq plant, opened in 2010 in the area of industrial development in Pascarola, Caivano, in the province of Naples.

Over the last 15 years the business has grown to become a benchmark of Italian mass retailing, producing and supplying cold cuts and pre-sliced cheeses for some of the biggest labels in large-scale retail in the country.