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M&C export around the world

High productive capacity and a reliable brand are the hallmarks of a trustworthy partner like M&C. Export of Italian cheese and supply of sliced cheeses on a national scale are constantly increasing, a fact that backs up M&C company policy, always striving for the growth of productivity and continually improving production methods.

Internationally, positive results deriving from commercial development currently under way in EU countries are continuously strengthening. Alongside profitable trading with the markets of Finland and Sweden, M&C works with international partners and French and Swedish importer-distributors, while preparing to launch on the global market in partnership with a big-name German label, a European leader in the discount sector.

The list of businesses choosing M&C is growing all the time, and includes such names as Auchan spa, S.D. Sicilia Discounts Soc. Consort., Lillo spa, Lidl Italia srl, Multicedi srl, Sma spa, Conad, Ce.Di. Sisa Centro Sud spa, Nume srl, Tatò Paride spa, Di.A. Srl, Nebrolat, Si.Di. Piccolo srl, Gial Generale Ingr. Alim. Srl, Dico spa, Ergon Società Consortile arl, Guerriero srl, Maxi Di srl, Cds spa.