Bontàfette cheeses



Bontàfette cheeses, the sliced selection of M&C

The carefully selected Bontàfette cheeses guarantee taste, trust, and great versatility. 4 sliced cheeses are offered by M&C under the label Bontàfette, all traditional in Italy: Monte Vicentini, semi-sharp Provolone, and Provola, both plain and smoked, and naturally made only with Italian milk.

The precise slicing of the product makes it easy to enjoy and simple to portion. What's more, the safe and convenient thermoformed tray packages maintain the appearance of the contents, guaranteeing sliced cheeses that are well presented and always ready to be served up quickly at the table.

Portioning the sliced cheese in packets of 150g means Bontàfette is ideal for using at home and prevents waste. Bontàfette cheese, like all M&C products, uses modified atmosphere packaging, a system that extends shelf-life, maintaining freshness, and therefore flavour and nutritional values, for longer - not just when still sealed but even after opening. And, of course, Bontàfette production methods conform to IFS and BRC standards.