M&C Italian cold cuts


A well - established company in the national scene for private label cold cuts, M & C is the largest company in Central and Southern Italy. In the new facility of about 5,000 square meters, in Caivano, in the province of Naples, there are 12 complete lines of slicing and packaging active and it employs about 100 workers and employees.
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M&C has a production capacity that meets every request. It produces about 50 million trays a year. This capacity is ensured by the presence of clone machinery, which guarantee the operational continuity.
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M&C is known for its high standards of hygiene and health. Famous are the ozone spray procedures, patented in the company, which employ the most powerful and environmentally-friendly antimicrobial agents (10 times the chlorine).
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The protective atmosphere packaging helps to extend the shelf life, and to preserve the sensory and nutritional properties of the product.
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With Bontà Fette, M & C offers 4 cheeses of the Italian tradition. Monti Vicenza, Italian provola cheese with milk, as well as smoked, and  semi spicy provolone.
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M&C, the forefront of Italian cold cuts

M&C Italian cold cuts is a leader in the portioned and packaged sliced cheeses and meats business. The current organization, aside from its cutting edge machines and production methods, boasts a proud history of Italian entrepreneurship. And it all takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

After the war, a young Umberto Castaldo starts work as a shop-boy in a delicatessen in the city centre. He is quick to learn the trade and before long he begins running his first shop, only 40sq m, in via Cavalleggeri d'Aosta (still there), called "La fonte dei formaggi".

With the inclusion of brothers Eugenio, Ciro and Mario, the number of shops grew to 4 in a little less than a decade, all in the Fuorigrotta quarter of Naples. In the late eighties "don Umberto", as he was known, understood the needs of the modern working woman, now no longer just a housewife. He began to offer the convenience of sliced cheeses. A brilliant idea that, thanks to the expertise of M&C, continues to be successful even today. M&C are giants in their sector, while remaining true to the spirit of the best local stores.