Italian Tomatoes De Rica


Tomato De Rica is one of a kind. A good, useful and ideal starting point for the creation of many dishes.
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Italian Tomatoes De Rica, Naturally Good

De Rica tomatoes are a historic canned Italian tomatoes producer, and have been a staple in Italy's kitchens since 1912. Since the beginning, they have expressed the values of freshness, flavor and wholesomeness across the entire De Rica product line. The same characteristics are as present today as they have ever been, with a new series of products that are both simple and natural, faithful to quality, with a new image and packaging. With its headquarters in Emilia Romagna, De Rica canned Italian tomatoes is one of the most important tomato processors in Italy. Only the most flavorful and top varieties are chosen to become the authentic De Rica diced, pulped or sauced tomatoes. The production process also ensures that the texture, color and aroma of the raw ingredients is not lost. The range that De Rica tomatoes offers makes an ideal base for a variety of accurate recipes, as well as a great way to discover the bounty of the Italian countryside in any part of the world.