Nourishing, good as it is or used as an ingredient in recipes, tuna is a canned food that is always present in the pantry. A good source of protein available even when there is no time to cook. Asdomar produces it entirely in Italy, in the sign of the highest quality.
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Looting the seas today means compromising the future of future generations. For this Asdomar tuna is strictly selected to ensure the protection of marine habitats and the species that populate it. The tuna arrive intact in the advanced plant of Olbia, Sardinia.
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The arrival of the tuna in the plant in Olbia activates the routine checks. The specimens must be at least one meter long and weigh a minimum of 20 kg. These two requirements guarantee that the samples are adults thus ensuring the reproduction of the species.
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With the cut, the fish is divided. The tuna belly is subject to a special processing. The head, fins and tail are intended for the production of fishmeal. The remaining part is then cooked.
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It is cooked in steam (instead of water), at about 100 ° C. This guarantees the preservation of nutrients and a better firmness of the meat.
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The cleaning of the tuna is entirely handmade. Heated to 12-13 ° C, the slice is skinned, the bones and red meat removed. The first part obtained are the fillets.
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The fillets are then sent for manual packaging in glass, and the parts less compact in cans, after the addition of olive oil or water and salt (for the natural and light version).
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The manual supervision of the packaged product covers the entire production. For the fillets in glass there is also the placing of the product information on each piece.
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Quality checks begin and end the production process. At the beginning the temperature and condition of the fish are checked. At the end of the processing the organoleptic and laboratory tests are began.
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The result is a very high quality production. The Premium line for gourmets and the standard for the daily consumption of a safe and nutritious food.
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Asdomar products of Italian excellence

Asdomar offers only quality products. The production techniques, which combine tradition with cutting-edge systems, make Asdomar tuna a banner of Made in Italy worldwide. Asdomar chooses solely yellow-fin tuna and skipjack tuna, together representing 84% of the raw material for the world industry of canned fish.

In line with the policy of sustainability that distinguishes it,  Asdomar rejects solutions that may endanger the marine heritage. Therefore, it doen't employ bluefin tuna, considered endangered. Nor does it take other species, such as the Obese (bigeye), the albacore or  the white.

The term 'Italian tuna' indicates that Asdomar manufactures its products entirely in the peninsula, where the specimens arrive whole and frozen. After all, to attribute a nationality to this precious specimen is impossible, given the stateless nature that characterizes it. It migrate across oceans and seas, moving thousands of kilometers. Oceanic fishing areas are 68% in the Western and Eastern Pacific, 22% in the Indian Ocean and the remaining 10% in the Atlantic.