Asdomar is an Italian tuna of excellence. A product completely made in Italy, to ensure the true Made in Italy quality. Quality and respect are the hallmark of the group led by Vito Gulli.
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The plant is located in Olbia, Sardinia. On the island the craftsmanship of cleaning tuna is a strong tradition. For 60 years it has been handed down from mother to daughter.
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The artisan tradition merges with the most advanced production technologies. The manufacturing plant is the most advanced in Europe. Efficient and safe, it offers a product with a high added value.
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Since the arrival of the whole fish to the final packaging, the production process of Asdomar is constantly monitored and analyzed. The result is a tuna of the highest quality.
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A 360 degree sustainability is the flagship of Asdomar. It permeates the entire production cycle, from fishing to packaging, every step is designed to protect the environment and enhance the human being.
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Only Yellowfin tuna, with a yellow fin, adults, at least one meter long and of least 20 kg are allowed in the processing. These characteristics are verified for each item on the way.
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The production of Asdomar tuna is ZERO WASTE. Scrap processing, normally thrown into landfills, is fully recovered in the production of feed.
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The Italian factory is powered exclusively by renewable energy. The value attributed to workers is demonstrated by SA 8000 social responsibility.
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Leader of the high-end tuna and giant of sizes for daily consumption, Asdomar is the Italian leader of high- end canned tuna and ranks second for tuna in oil.
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Asdomar real 360 degree sustainability

At Asdomar sustainability is for real. The commitments made to reduce the impact of production has long been in place, they are not mere promises. This is proven thanks to the awards that the Italian company continues to collect, as well as the real certifications for each statement.

Asdomar and  awards: of all the awards received, the most important in the eyes of consumers is that given by the organization Greenpeace, confirming the real primacy already acquired by Asdomar in sustainability. The one and only among the producers of tuna in Italy, to ensure the catching of fish respecting sea and marine life. The entire making process, from the catch to sale, unfolds in complete respect. Especially towards the workers and the territory in which it operates, as certified by the special prize Social Report 2014, established by Aretè Responsible Communication.

Real sustainability is an  investment, not a cost, demonstrated by the experience of the group in Genoa. Whose skills earned them the appointment as National Champion at the European Business Awards, the prestigious competition sponsored by RSM International. In the category Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability, it is a candidate to represent the Belpaese as one of the top virtuous companies of Europe.