Don’t Waste the Occasion


The WiGreen sustainability forum will be dedicated to food, environmental and economic waste. The second edition of the meeting, which is set to take place in Milan, Italy on February 13th and 14th 2014 at the Fondazione Stelline congress center, will be moderated by GIFT founder Dario Dongo.

The issue of waste at the WiGreen forum will be addressed wherever it is present. Food waste, which was much talked about in 2013, is only one aspect of the impoverishment of the planet’s resources.

Waste impacts on water, air and soil when we pollute the ecosystem. Land is consumed through unmeasured exploitation of soil and terrain. Precious raw materials are lost where we ignore sustainable practices of recycling and reuse. These are all moments of reflection that WiGreen would like to share, not to waste a unique occasion to explore how to make a difference in the health of the environment.