Pandoro, typical Italian Christmas sweets not to be missed

pandoro. The name alone evokes the atmosphere of Christmas, so solid is the place of honor won among the many sweets typical Christmas that warm the table of the Italians. Soft, buttery and delicate, it is an evolution of 'nadalin', which in Verona was the dessert par excellence. In 1884 Domenico Melegatti presented to the patent office a preparation with a soft dough and a characteristic conical shape which in section outlines an eight-pointed star. Thus was born the delicious Pandoro.

The ingredients of Pandoro are simple, but to obtain a truly optimal result it is necessary that fine flour, sugar, eggs, butter, yeast are of the highest quality. The processing is divided into three phases. It takes a whole day to prepare the pasta. It must rest for half an hour, rise in the molds for at least 6 hours, and cool slowly for another 14 after baking.

It should be enjoyed at room temperature, perhaps accompanied by custard or mascarpone flavored with orange or zabaglione. In the tasting of Pandoro and the various typical Italian Christmas sweets, the combination with fragrant, sweet wines, but with a dry and elegant finish, is more suitable. Perfect Picolit, yellow Moscato from Trentino or sparkling Asti, Malvasia delle Lipari.

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