Tiramisu, the recipe with mascarpone

Tiramisu, a delicacy famous all over the world. Almost a quality brand of the Made in Italy dessert. There tiramisu recipe with mascarpone is simple. But the results are directly proportional to the choice of ingredients and the correct execution of the preparation.

Its origins are doubtful. Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany are the regions that claim the authorship of the Tiramisu recipe. What is certain is the appreciation it receives in every corner of the planet. It is prepared like this.

Choose 3 fresh eggs and, having separated the egg whites, add the sugar to the yolks (2 tablespoons of the 4 total). Beat with electric whisk until you get a creamy consistency. Add the mascarpone (500 g).

Now whip the egg white until stiff, gradually sweetening it as it increases in volume. Gently insert it into the creamy mixture to keep it frothy.

Spread the mascarpone cream on the bottom of the plate. Pass the ladyfingers in the coffee, arrange them neatly and cover them with another mascarpone preparation. Repeat the operation, and finally complete the recipe by decorating with thin chocolate flakes.

Put the cake in the fridge for a few hours and serve it.

The same Tiramisu with recipe with mascarpone it can be made with Pavesini biscuits.

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