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Danone together with the Italian Juicebar

Danone focuses on yogurt shops, or rather Yoghobars, exploiting the trend of yogurt as a snack, which has taken hold in Milan as well as in New York. If overseas the craze is for Greek yogurt, in Italy the French food multinational tries to accommodate the new consumption trends by landing in the Italian capital of fashion and design. In an attempt to go beyond the supermarket, in the center of Milan Danone has opened the third Yoghobar after those in Rome and Vimercate (Milan hinterland). The collaboration with Juicebar, a national restaurant company that stands out from traditional sales channels for the concept of ready-to-eat freshness, to be consumed at the point of sale, has been confirmed. All this testifies to the interest of Italian consumers for fresh and healthy products, as opposed to the traditional fast-food model. In short, breakfast, snack or snack outside the home can be made without sacrificing the genuineness of the food.

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