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Mozzarella Cheese, Italian by Nature

Mozzarella cheese owes its truly unique flavor to a simple process, the quality of its raw ingredients, the characteristics that are rooted in the producing areas, as well as the masterful know-how of Italian Mozzarella cheese makers. Anything that veers off this course can be considered less than true Mozzarella.

To make real Italian Mozzarella, fresh buffalo milk, originating exclusively at dairy-farms within specifically delineated parts of the regions of Campania, Lazio and Puglia, is mixed with whey and left to ripen for approximately an hour, then just the right amount of rennet is added to allow the mixture to become denser.

Buffalo Mozzarella is “spun” for its tell-tale texture. The next phase of production gives the cheese its distinct form using a method known as la mozzatura, during which strips of cheese are torn away from the mass and kneaded into shape, often by hand. The final step involves immersing the product in a water and salt solution.

Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP is easy to digest, and an optimal source of protein, offering consumers superior taste and aroma. Be wary of imitations!

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