dairy products

Dairy Products, Creations of Italian Perfection

Dairy products are among those making the Made in Italy label so famous and prestigious in the world of food. The quality of local milk offers the foundation for exquisite Italian dairy products, like butter, milk and yogurt, where centuries of culinary tradition combined with insatiable passion, high standards, stringent controls, as well as constant research and development, make them increasingly sought after by people internationally.

Italian dairy items are known for some of the highest health and safety credentials. Whether it is down to low salt content, or optimal levels of probiotics, the consumer has everything to gain exploring this niche.

Examples of this dairy excellence, constantly enriched by new product lines that accompany the historic staples of the sector, are cream, or panna, butter, yogurt, and even mozzarella cheese. Yogurt alone comes in innumerable flavors, from cereals to fruit, and is widely available to consumers across the globe. These products continually surprise as new distribution outlets grant access to a larger geographical sphere, leading to their recognition as a small piece of home wherever they are found.

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dairy products


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