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speck cold cuts recipes

speck cold cuts recipes

Speck, an apetizer or in recipes

Speck means South Tyrol! This specialty that enriches the range of fine Italian cold cuts has in fact originated in this territory on the border between Italy and Austria. The production of Speck is typical for those Italian regions bordering the north-east of the Peninsula, including Friuli. It is a boneless ham, cured and smoked representing a unique blend of traditional methods typically found in southern and northern Europe; combining well in several recipes.

The seasoning and smoking have been for centuries the most effective methodologies to enable the preservation of meat for long periods allowing its consumption to the less wealthy. The typical Tyrolean Speck has earned the recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the EU. According to the regulations, it must be produced from the salted pork leg, aged for an average period of 22 weeks.

Similarly to other Italian cold cuts, it is eaten alone with bread, preferably whole-wheat or “black,” and in many preparations. Speck is a typical ingredient in a lot of recipes of this area, but it also lends itself to enrich the taste of various types of pasta sauces, fillings for focaccia or croquettes and with vegetables, radicchio in the first place.

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