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pancetta cold cuts recipes

pancetta cold cuts recipes

Pancetta, recipes to enjoy

Pancetta, a name that says it all. It is a very popular component of the family of typical Italian cold cuts, and an essential ingredient in hundreds of Italian recipes. The term Pancetta (small belly) tell us that it is produced from the stomachs of pigs, with the fatty parts set aside to produce other cured meats, such as salami, or specialties such as ciccioli (greaves).

Unlike its Anglo-Saxon counterpart “bacon”, the traditional Italian Pancetta is not smoked but only salted and left to rest for a few days. Sometimes too spicy, there are three types of pancetta: arrotolata (rolled) (with or without rind), tesa (flat) and steccata which can be made into a roll or folded then pressed and tied between two sticks. If subjected to aging, it can be eaten raw. There are two protected designations of origin that lead to the heights of excellence among the famous Italian cold cuts: Pancetta of Calabria and Pancetta Piacentina.

Following the evolution of consumption, even in Italy the classic Italian Pancetta is now available in many versions and in packs with the pieces already cut into cubes, perfect to cook it in thousands of recipes.

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