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cotechino italian cured meats

cotechino italian cured meats

Cotechino, recipes to be enjoyed while celebrating

In the Italian tradition Cotechino is a must on the menu of the Christmas holidays. Traditional dish of the North of the Peninsula, among the classic Italian cured meats, it is the quintessential ingredient tied to the New Year. Cotechino is the main component of many Italian recipes but the most famous recipe is the one where it plays the star role together with lentils on the Italian tables at the dinner on the 31st of December, or at the lunch of the first of January.

It is said that eating Cotechino during these celebrations is a good omen. The name Cotechino comes from the pork rind, the animal’s gut is utilized as a container, filled with bacon and with other meaty parts. The preparation requires a slow cooking, thanks to which you eliminate a lot of its fat. The well-known Cotechino of Modena, along with the Zampone (stuffed pig’s foot), is a symbol of the Emilian cuisine and has earned the Protected Geographical Indication status.

Jointly  with the regular Cotechino there are now new varieties, such as the pre-cooked Cotechino. It can be used in thousands of dishes, of all the Italian cured meats this has been very successful with consumers.

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