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coppa italian cold cuts

coppa italian cold cuts

Coppa, a worldwide renowned cold cut

It’s called Coppa, but among the thousands of Italian cold cuts it is also known by the names Capicollo or Lonzino. This is because we are talking about a cured meat found in historical chronicles as early as the eighteenth century and produced virtually throughout the country with dozens of variations, depending on the region and the territory. Coppa is obtained by processing the pork neck cuts, between the head and shoulder.

Capocollo of Calabria (rubbed with pepper or chili) and the exquisite Coppa Piacentina are protected designations of origin which enrich the extraordinary list of over 250 Italian food products registered in the quality register of the European Union. These are supplemented by the geographical indication PGI “Coppa di Parma”, famous for its softness, too.

Typically, in line with what happens to the other types of Italian cold cuts, Coppa is treated with salt, herbs and spices before being wrapped in a casing and left to age a few months. Its sweet and delicate flavor is the strength of the Coppa Piacentina and others as well. It can be eaten in thin slices, accompanied by bread and a light Italian red wine at cellar temperature. Bon Appetit!

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