Bresaola Recipe

Bresaola Recipe

Bresaola, The Recipe for Cured Beef

The traditional Bresaola recipe calls for the exclusive use of entire parts of lean beef chosen in line with the production of top Italian cured meats. Preparation begins with the thigh, in particular the most coveted cut – the exquisite punta d’anca.

The Bresaola recipe is without doubt the process that makes this product so singular among Italy’s famous cured meats, and this is because it is produced with beef and not pork, classified as “raw, whole and not smoked”. It is in fact the unique method of salting the meat that allows for its preservation. What’s more, Bresaola stays soft, flavorful yet delicate over long periods.

After covering it with salt, ground pepper and natural seasonings, Bresaola is dried in stainless steel containers. The pieces are hand-massaged periodically to favor the absorption of herbs and spices, as well as the uniformity of texture. They are then washed, stuffed into their skins and moved to special temperature and humidity controlled cells for aging from two to four months. The Bresaola recipe is a classic that enthralls the world!

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