Bresaola, Italian Cured Beef

World renowned, Bresaola is produced using only whole pieces of choice lean beef, making it a specialty among Italian cured meats, which usually utilize pork. It has one of the lowest fat, and highest protein contents (2.6g and 36g per 100g respectively) of any meat product, and the Bresaola recipe ensures that it is always safe and flavorful.

The most famous Bresaola is made in Valtellina, obtaining the IGP geographic certification from the European Union. The production area for this specific type comprises the entire territory of the province of Sondrio in Lombardy. Unique as Italian cured meats go, it is prepared utilizing the beef thigh, with the sought after punta d’anca cut. Northern Italy is rich in other types of Bresaola, such as the venison and equine varieties. In Valchiavenna there is a mouthwatering Bresaola recipe smoked over pinewood.

The best way to savor Bresaola is thinly sliced, with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil, on a bed of arugula together with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It also makes delicious sandwiches and piadina. Bresaola is both versatile and nutritious!


Bresaola Recipe

Bresaola, The Recipe for Cured Beef The traditional Bresaola recipe calls for the exclusive use of entire parts of lean beef chosen in line with the production of top Italian cured meats. Preparation begins with the thigh, in particular the most coveted cut – the exquisite punta...

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