Cured Meats

Cured Meats, Types to Savor

Cured meats are an exquisite example of Italy’s food products. The production of Italian cured meats has always been an integral part of belpaese cuisine, and recognized at the global level. Prosciutto cotto and crudo, salami, culatello, zampone and cotechino are just a few shining beacons of these types of cured meat. They represent variety, cuts and methods that are both voluminous and unique.

For this very reason, unfortunately, there are numerous attempts at imitation, falsification and adulteration, low quality renditions of unparalleled meat specialties. What makes Italian meats singular is not only raw materials and technique, but also the specific territories in which they are produced by master salumieri.

Considering these meats geographically, the primary focal points on the peninsula are the areas of Parma, San Daniele, Zibello and Modena, Valtellina in Lombardy and the small town of Sant’Angelo di Brodo in Sicily, not to mention Prato and Naples. Endless international acknowledgments, in addition to DOP and IGP certifications, are the undeniable proof of the superiority of the Italian product. You can easily ignore the rest!

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Cured Meats

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Cured Meats


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Cured Meats

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