Covid-19, abc. Volume I - People

Covid-19, ABC is a three-volume work - People, Society and Planet - that offers practical instructions and food for thought on how to live with the coronavirus.

Volume I - People - offers a comprehensive review of virus prevention measures. The indications of the authorities and scientific studies. Protective and sanitizing devices (which and why), practical advice for a new everyday life inside and outside the walls of the house. With insights on the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle to follow - in the various age groups - to strengthen the immune system, our great ally in this as in many other challenges. Health and well-being, the key words.


The book is offered to those who want to make a donation, even a symbolic one, in favor of the project of through crowdfunding launched by Égalité Onlus to produce on an industrial scale, in a non-profit logic, one Smart Chair. An innovative wheelchair, equipped with an electric scooter with easy and quick release, aimed at favoring the personal autonomy of people with motor disabilities. The project is already completed and it is now necessary to turn it into reality. Let's get infected with Good!

Donations they are fully deductible and deductible. To this end, a copy of the donation, with your personal data, can be sent to egaliteonlus @ gmail to obtain the tax receipt. Let's get infected with Good!

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