Couscous, For Uniquely Italian Recipes

Authentic couscous is the result Italy’s unique geographic position at the center of the Mediterranean. Italian couscous stems directly from this fact. Parts of the bel paese, most notably Trapani on the western tip of Sicily, are closer to North Africa than the rest of Europe, with an affinity noticeable in both architecture and the tastes that make up their regional cuisines.

There is a festival dedicated to Italian couscous recipes in the Sicilian town of San Vito Lo Capo. Couscous was introduced to the Italian palate centuries ago, with early mentions of recipes reaching as far as Tuscany, but its popularity is currently booming due to its easy preparation, versatility in the kitchen and reputation as a healthy alternative to other traditional foods. Use of couscous has become so widespread that some Italian food companies have even begun to launch cook and serve product lines to satisfy consumer demand.

Popular Italian recipes include extra virgin olive oil, diced carrots, celery and bell peppers cooked with chicken or fish. Couscous is also perfect for vegetarians, who are able to add their favourite produce at will. Buon appetito! for your next happy hour, picnic or lunch by the sea.

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