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Cous cous, not just the San Vito Lo Capo festival

The fact that we can speak of the Italian tradition of couscous derives from the position of the boot in the center of the Mediterranean. An ideal location for cultural and culinary exchange, for a product whose origins date back to the dawn of civilization in the region. Some provinces of Italy, such as Trapani in Sicily, are geographically closer to North Africa than to the rest of Europe. A proximity that can be seen in the architecture and flavors of the local cuisine.

The San Vito Lo Capo festival, not far from Trapani, is traditionally an unmissable event for couscous lovers. This dish was introduced in Italy centuries ago, as documented by some ancient Tuscan recipe books. Today its popularity is increasing thanks to its ease of preparation, versatility in cooking and its reputation as an equally healthy alternative to other traditional recipes.

Couscous has become so widespread that various Italian food companies have begun to launch products to meet consumer demand. To prepare it in the Italian style, they serve extra virgin olive oil, diced carrots, celery and peppers cooked with chicken or fish. Couscous is also perfect for vegetarians, who can add their favorite ingredients to it.

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