Cooking Up Gusto Kosher

gusto kosher

Two culinary traditions with similar roots are set to express their synergic potential when representatives from Rome and Tel Aviv meet at Gusto Kosher in the Italian capital on Sunday November 17, 2013.

Now for the 13th time, the event  has celebrated the best in Jewish cooking, is entitled “Sacred and Profane”. It proposes to trace the similarities and unique qualities of these two popular cuisines, a religious and cultural patrimony that has been forged over the course of centuries. Recipes, cooking and eating of Jewish food will combine with the Roman tradition, as it has for hundreds of years due to the city’s large, historic Jewish population.

The food twinning between Rome and Tel Aviv will include tastings, as well as workshops with chefs, producers, journalists, bloggers and other experts. It will all take place at the Palazzo della Cultura on Via del Portico d’Ottavia. The 2012 edition of Gusto Kosher was dedicated to sustainability, hosting some 2,000 visitors with 500 bottles of wine opened, 25 kilos of couscous, 15 of pasta, 2,500 pizzarelle with honey and 90 loaves of bread eaten.