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Stop palm oil. The Greatitalianfoodtrade petition

Stop the invasion of palm oil in food products. It is the appeal of greatitalianfoodtrade.it, the portal of sustainable Italian agri-food excellence, which together with ilfattoalimentare.it promoted a petition on Change.org to stop the spread of this low-quality tropical fat.

Palm production is related to the robbery of land and the deportation of millions of African and Asian families (land grabbing). It is also the primary cause of the deforestation of wooded areas (the leading cause of CO2 emissions in Southeast Asia) and of the devastation of natural "habitats" to make way for monocultures such as those of oil palm. These operations involve serious human rights violations, the elimination of food sovereignty and the reduction of biodiversity.

Palm oil is used by most food companies because it is cheap and lends itself to many uses. According to nutritionists, the daily intake of high doses of this ingredient can be harmful to health due to the presence of saturated fats.

Greatitalianfoodtrade invites companies to replace it with other non-hydrogenated vegetable oils or butter and asks health institutions to exclude these fats from public food supplies. Put a signature!

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