palm oil

palm oil health risk

palm oil health risk

Palm oil health risk, the EFSA verdict

Palm oil is carcinogenic and genotoxic. According to the EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, three types of contaminants in this tropical oil are highly harmful to consumers’ health, in particular to children and adolescents, but infants too, who are exposed to the consumption of excessive amounts of vegetable palm oil.

The carcinogenic potential, as EFSA explains, depends on a contaminant (GE, glycyl esters of fatty acids) generated by the refining process at high temperature to which the poor quality fat is subjected. The risk is the increase of tumors and genetic damage also transmitted to offsprings through procreation.

The experts indicate the presence of two more toxic compounds in palm oil such as technological wastes. For one (3-MCPD) it has set a threshold of tolerance of 0.8 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. A far exceeded limit by the younger sections of the population. For the other (2-MCPD) it has not established any roof, because of the lack of scientific data on the toxicity of the compound.


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