Palm oil powdered milk

Palm oil powdered milk

Palm oil in powdered milk: sign the petition

Off with palm oil in powedered milk for the newly born. Il Fatto Alimentare and Great Italian Food Trade launch a petition to invite Mellin, Nutricia, Ordesa, Hipp, Humana, Milte, Nestlé, Unifarm, Sterilfarma, Nipiol, Menarini, Laboratori Alter, Plasmon (which modified only two milks) to change formula.

The first reason for the request is palm oil can give through childhood milk contaminating cancerogenous products during refinement, as reported on 3 May 2016 by Efsa. Remember too that cheap economic fat is cause for land grabbing and wild deforestation in Indonesia, Malesia, sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America.

Firms using palm oil maintain it is useful for obtaining adequate composition for unweaned’s nutritional needs and guarantee greater stability. But the weakness of this argument is shown by choosing brands like Coop, Sicura and Dicofarm, which have for years adopted other fats without penalising food quality.

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