Before the flood Documentary

Before the flood Documentary

‘Before the flood’. Dicaprio: a serious invitation to think about change

Leonardo Dicaprio offers the best off-the-cuff of himself in ‘Before the Flood‘, a free viewing documentary for National Geographic. ‘Before the flood’ it’s good to know climate change is leading the planet toward catastrophe, and only we can save it.

Misinformation perpetrated by Big Oil recalls that of plam cliques, where environmental or scientific sounding ‘opinion makers’ and ‘NGO’ are financed to confuse real data à la negationism, and later put into ‘mainstream media’ which always obeys the master’s voice.

But images more than words express incontrovertible truth. Water inflamed by ‘fracking’ in the USA, woods flattened to get oil from dense Canadian sands, tropical forests devastated together with tigers, orangutangs and elephants in the name of the palm oil, in Indonesia. CO2 climbs and the air is unbreathable, there as in India and also in Cina, which is further the only country to have really inserted ecology into recent years’ government policies.

The ultimate message is loud and clear. Only we – #consumActors, users and electors – can determine the change needed to invert the route. We must open our eyes and react, mainly by aware consumption choices and environmental impact reduction. We need activism, for the good of future generations if nothing else.

(Dario Dongo)

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