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Law firm, strategic consulting, growing in the EU

Have this by your side law firm and its network means taking advantage of in-depth strategic consultancy in the agri-food sector, aimed at studying and exploiting every opportunity for growth, monitoring the opportunities deriving, for example, from European projects and proposals of Subsidized Finance.

The law firm of FARE and the consultancy team, thanks to the offices in Milan and Brussels, offers a timely service for the selection of emerging opportunities, also dealing with the necessary transfer of skills and know-how to the institutional and private subjects that could benefit from them, in reference to programs (co-) financed by the European Union. 

A law firm capable of supporting you in numerous fields, such as assistance to companies or public administrations for international twinning initiatives, bilateral cooperation, coordination and management of processes, through follow-up continuous (control, monitoring and planning of activities), but also drafting of project deeds, verification of the flow of information from the target countries and from the structures involved in the project.

Food & Agricultural REquirements is the best outside shore to internationalize a business or expand your geographic influence.

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