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Technical consultancy, strategic analysis

DO makes available to its customers a technical advice aimed at sharing strategic opportunities linked to markets and their trends, within an all-round agri-food consultancy. The role of Food & Agricultural REquirements in this sense is to offer an external bank for an exchange of ideas and connection with the diversified company resources assigned to commercial strategy, marketing, research and quality. 

New market trends can induce reflections on the development of new products and formats, or stimulate the reformulation of an existing product, or lead to new paths such as the revision of the supply chain, supplier accreditation and procurement selection criteria, certifications and so on.  

The technical consultancy offered is an external and independent assistance, in support of multiple functions in the company, with a view to evaluating together the concrete possibilities of growth and the most suitable tools for the purpose. A 360-degree technical consultancy, which integrates scientific, commercial, legal professionalism at reasonable costs and up to the expectations of the Customer, who has always rewards the efforts of this network, renewing the agri-food consultancy assignments.

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