Molini Spigadoro lactic acid bacteria are a yeast substitute for the preparation of bread, pizza, and cake.
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The lactobacilli selected by Molini Spigadoro (Lactobacillus fermentum) are suitable for those who are intolerant and/or allergic to yeast.
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From the union of research and nature comes this viable alternative to yeast.
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Lactic acid bacteria, leavening without yeast

Lactic acid bacteria raising agents by Molini Spigadoro allow baked goods to rise in a completely natural way. This makes them the ideal solution for preparing bread, pizza and cakes with a yeast free dough.

Thecarefully selected Lactobacillus fermentum are the perfect substitute for traditional brewer's yeast, and are therefore highly recommended for use in the dough of bakery products intended for people who are intolerant or have an allergy to yeasts in general. Lactic acid lactobacilli bacteria are naturally free from gluten, and are of course ideally suited for coeliacs too.

This unique innovation is the result of a collaboration with the Centro Sperimentale del Latte (CSL), a milk research centre, and can be used not only in a domestic but also a professional setting, both artisanal and industrial. This union of scientific study with nature has created an exceptional product with many benefits, that meets the needs of all those consumers who, until now, were forced to miss out on some of the very best foods that Italian culinary tradition has to offer.