Antique perfume, barely refined flour and wheat germ. The 1-kg Mixes selected by Molini Spigadoro bring home a flour range for any use. Free your mind.
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Molini Spigadoro flour is always only semi wholewheat and wholewheat (Type 1 and 2). Fibre and nutritional value are in line with a special selection.
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Without additives, they're linked to healthy ingredients exalting their taste and nutritional value: wholewheat germ, malt wheat flour, acid rye pasta.
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Taste, wellbeing, harmony, respect for the environment. The Molini Spigadoro biological flour range is a port of call for sustainable technological excellence.
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Molini Spigadoro Nutridea flours marry healthy eating with flavour. The range includes a hempseed flour and a high-fibre wheat flour, in types 1,2, and wholemeal.
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Molini Spigadoro hempseed flour is produced using seeds that are de-hulled and ground mechanically at low temperatures, without the use of solvents.
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Molini Spigadoro hempseed flour contains around 33% of easily digestible protein, Omega-3, Omega-6, fibre and minerals.
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Added to other flours in quantities between 5 and 10%, hempseed flour brings a slightly nutty taste and a brown colour to dishes.
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The Nutridea wheat flours, types 1,2, and wholemeal, provide fibre and minerals. As easy to work with as more refined flours, such as types 0 and 00.
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The careful selection of the raw materials, storage, and cutting edge production methods guarantee that Nutridea flours are of exceptional quality.
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Flour type 1 and 2, chef mix

Flour type 1 and 2, barely refined. This is the - innovative and at the same time traditional - solution adopted by Molini Spigadoro for its flour, including the selected mixes, also packaged in convenient packs of 1 kg to bring home professional flour benefits.

The flour, always only semi wholewheat and wholewheat and rigorously without additives, are combined with genuine ingredients here: wheat seed, malt wheat flour and rye mother yeast. They lead to 11 references studied for various uses: Antique Bread, 7 Cereals, Pizza and Focaccia, Soft Sweet, Pastries, Fresh Pasta, Strong Flour, and 4 more biological ones: BreadBIO, PizzaBIO and FocacciaBIO, SweetyBIO, Strong Flour BIO. The range suggested in packages ideal for home use is completed by a special sativa hemp seed flour, a formidable source of protein, fibre, minerals and Omega 3 acid fats.

Along with type 1 and 2 flour, the firm produces a wide choice of professional use flour, like the Nutridea line, all guaranteed by raw materials, fruit of accurate selection and a process ensuring all precious natural properties are conserved.