Mortadella ingredients



Authentic mortadella: ingredients at a minimum

Mortadella: ingredients of the finest quality and free of additives. This is the Felsineo standard, committed for over 50 years to producing a genuine, healthy sausage, that has the same traditional flavour and aroma as the mortadella of times gone by. The simple ingredients of the entire Felsineo range are selected with the greatest care. The search for the best cuts of Italian pork meat is only the beginning of a recipe which contains very few ingredients.

All sugars, colourings and artificial flavourings are excluded from Felsineo mortadella ingredients in favour of natural ones. No polyphosphates are used either, molecules that hold water and thus increase the density of the product, but that reduce the absorption of minerals.

The well-known flavour-enhancer glutamate is also completely banned. Even the fatty part of Felsineo mortadella is of the highest grade, never using fat emulsions and/or rind. Rigorously gluten-free, Felsineo products are dairy-free too, as the use of caseinates and milk powder is strictly rejected in the company.