Felsineo mortadella



Felsineo mortadella, a range of goodness

The excellent Felsineo mortadella uses exclusively Italian pork and is free from additives, lactose and gluten: discerning gourmets can choose their favourite out of a variety of unique specialities.

• The "1963 Mortadella Artigianale" is history encapsulated. Prepared with fresh meats, it is produced on a site opened in 2015, the only one of its kind in the world for its meat-grinding process. Thanks to an exclusive patent, the result of twenty years of research, the meat is ground slowly, as it used to be in the past. This produces a product with exceptional nutritional properties, with a fat content of just 19% but a good 21% of protein. The delicious whole is completed with all-natural gut casing and is hand-tied with string in the colours of Italy, ready to be thinly sliced and enjoyed.

• The "Sciccosa" - 100% Italian pork-meat and without added glutamate, polyphosphates or sugars - is known for its delicate aroma and its velvety texture.

• The main characteristic of the "Sincera", the newest member of the Felsineo mortadella family, is naturalness. On the market since September 2016, it contains nothing but natural preservatives.