Felsineo SpA, which started out as a small producer in Bologna, is today the world leader in the production and sale of mortadella. It continues a long history of uniting tradition and innovation.
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With an output of around 12 thousand tonnes a year, Felsineo mortadella is exported throughout Europe, to the USA, to China and Canada. It is ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001, IFS e BRC (GSFS), ISO 22005, CCPB certified.
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Felsineo uses only the very best cuts of pork and natural flavours. All Felsineo mortadella is free from additives such as polyphosphates, glutamate, and colouring, and contains no gluten, lactose or fat emulsions.
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Felsineo's '1963 Mortadella 100% Artigianale' is prepared with fresh meat, ground slowly in the old-fashioned way. This gives the product a new texture and a delicate flavour.
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For the '1963 'Mortadella 100% Artigianale' the casing used is natural gut and is tied by hand with string in the Italian colours. The product is served thinly sliced.
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Felsineo's Sciccosa mortadella has a delicate aroma and a smooth texture. It is made with the finest cuts of the best Italian meat.
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Sincera mortadella contains only natural ingredients. Another plus to add to the finest ingredients and excellent processes that characterizes the entire range. Launched in September 2016, it is the new frontier of Felsineo mortadella.
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Felsineo, mortadella of Bologna

Felsineo, highest quality mortadella. As bolognese as the delicious Bologna sausage that it has been making for over fifty years, Felsineo strikes the perfect balance between centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge innovation. Today Felsineo, originally a small artisan producer, is the world leader in mortadella production. An impressive feat, guided by the third generation of the founding family, the Raimondi.

Felsineo ensures the right combination of artisanal passion and technological rigour. The accurate selection of the raw materials is united with processes aimed at preserving both the sensory and nutritional qualities of the meat and the other ingredients, while ongoing research guarantees an authentic product, free from additives such as polyphosphates and glutamates, and without dairy or gluten. A standard that makes Felsineo the jewel in the crown of Made in Italy.

Felsineo embodies the best of Italian entrepreneurial tradition, for the constant care lavished on the creation of value, working to an ethical code and participating in projects for the inclusion of the disadvantaged in business settings in Bologna.