Cotechino, recipes to be enjoyed while celebrating

In Italy the popular sausage it is a must on the Christmas party menu. Traditional dish from the North of the Peninsula, among the classics Italian cured meats it is the one that is linked by definition to the New Year. Among the many recipes the main ingredient of which is the most famous one sees it protagonist with lentils in the essential course of the New Year's Eve dinner or, if you prefer, of the New Year's lunch.

It is said that eating Cotechino during these occasions is a good omen. The name Cotechino derives from the pork rind, from which the intestine is made which is then filled with pancetta and pork cuts that are usually not of the highest quality. The preparation requires slow cooking, thanks to which many fats are eliminated. The famous Cotechino di Modena, together with the zampone, is a symbol of Emilian cuisine and has earned the Protected Geographical Indication.

The food industry has joined the traditional Cotechino with new types of offer, such as precooked. To be used in a thousand recipes, these Italian cured meats have been very popular with consumers. Both traditional and more innovative products have seen a progressive reduction in the content of lipids and more noble proteins.

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