Espresso Coffee

Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee, Italian by nature

To prepare top notch espresso coffee it is necessary to follow the precise rules of the trade. The amount of Italian coffee utilized must be carefully calibrated, pressed to perfection in the filter, and the extraction time paid careful attention to. The quality of the espresso coffee machine used is also of primary importance, in addition to selecting the right blend. It is all down to the human ability of managing these factors.

Excellence is reached by passing a stream of hot water pushed by the pressure of at least 9 atmospheres through 7 grams of fresh ground coffee. By definition, a tazzina, its characteristic cup, contains between 25 and 30 ml. If carried out correctly, the deep aromatic notes are followed by the taste of velvety bliss in the crema, or the hazelnut colored layer on true espresso.

An optimal espresso can be judged by structure and smoothness, bitter but never astringent. The aroma – intense, rich in floral, fruit, chocolate and toasted wheat. Just a few simple steps and important details need to be considered to make and drink incredible espresso authentically.

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