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Professional Coffee Machines

Professional Coffee Machines

Professional coffee machines, italian know-how

Professional coffee machines are what really make the difference for an authentic Italian coffee at a bar or restaurant, in addition to the ability of the professional who is expert in using it. The global market for professional machines – and of course their cappuccino – is worth some 650 million euros.

The first professional patent for this type of machine came in 1884, but it didn’t develop into a true industry until the early 1900s. The sector skyrocketed after the Second World War, when they spread throughout bars across Italy with the expansion in consumption that characterized the economic boom.

Faema, founded in 1945, is the producer that symbolizes this period, and competition developed with Cimbali. In 1995 the two companies joined forces to promote this professional excellence worldwide. The group, which started its activity in a copper works in Milan in 1912, also controls famous brands like Casadio and Hemerson. 70% of its output is exported (with the greatest demand in Germany and the UK) to 100 countries through a network of 700 direct distributors.

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