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Portable Coffee Machines

Portable Coffee Machines

Portable coffee machines, italian on the move

Portable coffee machines have arrived to satisfy desires that cannot wait. They are small, efficient jewels able to serve quality Italian coffee on the go. Among the myriad models available, and present in homes in Italy, the tendency is for true “portable” dimensions, allowing for the portable taste and aroma of authentic espresso almost anywhere.

Within the products in this niche, a model in particular has attracted attention. La Piccola, by the Italian company of the same name specialized in these machines, measures 25x15x22 centimeters and weighs only 5 kilos. Its stature makes it truly portable, and the ideal companion in travels, on a boat, or in a camper. The minimal space requirement compared to the others is even perfect for apartments, hotel rooms or in restaurants.

This portable machine uses pods, a choice with reduced environmental impact, in line with the producer’s policy, boasting consumption of just 500 watts as part of a concrete commitment to sustainability, based on utilization of renewable energy and machines that endure.


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