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Pod coffee machines, Italian sustainable masterpiece

Espresso is now officially ready to enter homes. Pod coffee machines are able to serve up Italian coffee comparable to that found in the country’s distinguished bars. Easy and functional, what remains is the choice of your favorite blend.

Compared to capsule models, pod machines are less expensive, and better for the environment. The two methods are similar in appearance. Both are designed to protect ground beans from their sworn enemies: humidity, heat and air, and are equally effortless to use. Sustainability, however, casts the dividing line.

Each pod of coffee is composed of two thin layers of paper, like that of a tea bag. They can even be included with organic waste as they are biodegradable and compostable. Another advantage is the universal format they come in for use in all coffee pod machines.

Capsules are made of plastic or metal, and doesn’t enjoy the same affinity with environmental concerns. Impact starts with their production, and continues after being thrown away. There are few solutions that offer some biodegradability. Cylinders are compatible only with a single machine to ensure customer loyalty.

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