Coffee Machines

Coffee machines, Italian means professional

Italy is an undefeated champion when it comes to coffee machines. Historically, it has affirmed itself as a producer of professional models, but the country expresses Italian coffee excellence in innovative and sustainable pod coffee machines as well. This the standard combination of hardware and ingenuity required to blend and extract the most flavor possible, turning an exotic natural resource into a beverage that has become an ambassador for Italian production.

Leader in the professional machines sector is the Cimbali Group, founded in Milan in 1912, exporting 70% of its products to 100 countries, Germany and the UK topping the list, one of the formidable protagonists of a market worth 650 million euros.

Pod machines, and their capsule cousins, are part of an extremely dynamic niche, allowing for the enjoyment of true espresso at home, in the office or a hotel room. Pods represent an ideal solution – 7 grams of ground coffee beans pressed into a paper casing that conform to ESE easy serving standards defined by Italian producers. This detail allows to change brands, or machine whenever the consumer desires.

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Coffee Machines

Portable Coffee Machines

Portable coffee machines, italian on the move Portable coffee machines have arrived to satisfy desires that cannot wait. They are small, efficient jewels able to serve quality Italian coffee on the go. Among the myriad models available, and present in homes in Italy, the tendency is for...

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