Cappuccino, Italian Coffee masterpiece

Cappuccino consists of two elements: Italian coffee and steamed milk. It is quintessential for the Italians, and is popular among foreigners visiting Italy. Cappuccino calories are on average about 80 (9 for the coffee), a dose to which another 200 is added resulting from the “Cornetto“, or brioche that makes an almost inseparable companion for an Italian breakfast at the bar.

In the bel paese, Cappuccino is consumed until mid-morning, or sometimes as a snack in the afternoon, while drinking it with meals is out of the question in the Italian stylebook. An espresso is also generally preferred to Cappuccino after a meal.

Coffee is the basic foundation for the Cappuccino: 25-30ml of fine Italian quality in a large cup to accommodate 100ml of diverse milks. Using the plural here is a must, because next to that of cows, other variants are used, including soy or rice. These make enjoying this specialty entirely possible for those suffering lactose intolerance, though tasting slightly different.

The trademark foam completes the masterpiece. It is creamy, dense and velvety, giving the appearance and texture of the perfect Cappuccino, Italian coffee and solid myth.

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