Italian Chocolate

Italian Chocolate

Italian chocolate, a worthy production

If a geographic map of Italian chocolate existed, one would see a myriad of locales that couldn’t be missed. In line with local gastronomic traditions, each Italian territory boasts its own types of chocolate, ranging from mixtures with fresh fruit or nuts, to cream fillings and characteristic shapes. Italian chocolate production is truly unique, and is of course is marked by rigorous quality standards.

Italian regulations create a scale for Italian chocolate, fixing specific requirements for various types. The percentage of cocoa starts at a minimum of 35% that increases to 43% for the dark variety, and descends to 25% for milk chocolates. For the latter, the characterizing ingredient must not be below 14%.

The name “pure chocolate”, or cioccolato puro in Italian, is used to distinguish products that exclude cheap vegetable oils, primarily palm derivatives, which have become commonplace in inferior versions of this product, a defect of an industry that is often unable to protect the heavenly dimensions of the category, and a reason for Great Italian Food Trade to promote the best.

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